What Programs Are Available To Assist Elderly Adults in West Virginia?

Which state department assist seniors in West Virginia? The Bureau for Medical Services (BMS) in West Virginia operates the ADW Medicaid Waiver program.

What programs assist older adults in West Virginia? The West Virginia Aged and Disabled Waiver Program (ADW) is a long-term care alternative that provides services that enable an individual to remain at or return home rather than receiving nursing home care. The goals and objectives of this program are focused on providing services that are person-centered, promote choice, independence, participant-direction, respect, and dignity and community integration.

What is the best number to call to get started? For a preadmission screening call (800) 642-8686 OR (304) 346-9863.
Aged & Disabled Waiver (304) 356-4913

Is there a website? http://dhhr.wv.gov/bms/Pages/default.aspx

Who Qualifies For Assistance?

The West Virginia Aged and Disabled Waiver (ADW) is for people age 18 or older who meet the medical criteria of receiving nursing home care and who meet financial requirements.

Once you are found to be financially and medically eligible, a funded slot must be available to begin receiving services. You may be placed on a Managed Enrollment List which is a wait list if a funded slot is not available.

What Services Are Offered

You may receive services through a Traditional ADW provider who will send a staff person to your home. You may also self-direct the Personal Attendant Services (Personal Options) which means your employees work directly for you.
Services available include:
a. Personal Attendant Services – an employee trained to assist you with bathing, dressing, grooming, eating, fixing your meals or other personal care needs.
b. Case Management Services – a licensed professional who helps you identify your needs and plan for your care as well as advocates for and connects you with services or resources in your community.
c. Aged and Disable Waiver Non-medical Transportation to and from services on your individual service plan.
d. Nursing Assessment and Supervision – an RN assesses your needs and writes the plan the Personal Attendant follows when delivering your care.

Additional Information

The West Virginia Aged and Disabled Waiver is an in-home care program that allows staff to come into your home to assist you with your personal needs. This program is for individuals who need the same type of care provided in a nursing home but want to stay in their own home.

Policy and General Information regarding the Aged and Disabled Waiver (ADW) Program

LuAnn Summers, MS, LPC, Program Manager
ADW Waiver
Bureau for Medical Services
350 Capitol Street, Room 251
Charleston, WV 25301
Phone: (304) 356-4913
Fax: (304) 558-4398
Email: LuAnn.S.Summers@wv.gov