What State Office is Available To Assist
Elderly Adults in Alabama?

Which state department assist seniors in Alabama? In Alabama, senior programs are funded by the Alabama Department of Senior Services.

What is the best number to call to get started with the Alabama Elderly services?
To get started, contact the Alabama Department of Senior Services to apply. A case manager will give you information and explain the process.

For more information on services for seniors Call  1.800.AGE-LINE (1.800.243.5463)

Is there a website to learn about elderly & senior care services provided by the state of Alabama?

What Programs Are Available To Assist Elderly Adults in Alabama?

What programs assist older adults in Alabama? There are many resources avaible for seniors in Alabama.
  • The Alabama Cares Program can provide you the help and education you need as a Caregiver for your loved one.
  • During a disaster, Aging Assists county EMA in identifying locations for Disaster Recovery Centers (DRC); Identifies staff to assist at DRC Reviews press releases for appropriate information; and Develops and post marketing materials needed at each site.
  • The Alabama Department of Senior Services can help connect you to the State department or local law enforcement to end the abuse.
  • The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) provides community and worked-based training to seniors and assists in finding unsubsidized employment upon completion. 
  • Our Alabama Senior Medicare Patrol program can help you avoid being a victim of health care fraud.
  • The Legal Assistance Program in Alabama is staffed by lawyers licensed by the State Bar of Alabama and their supervised legal assistants to provide you with no cost representation. 

    The program targets people 60 or above in the most social or economic need, low income minorities, or individuals in rural areas. 

    The Legal Assistance Program in Alabama can assist you with the following 

    • Accessing health and long-term care

    • Advanced Directives

    • Consumer Issues

    • Debt collection

    • Elder Abuse Exploitation Fraud

    • Guardianship Issues

    • Housing

    • Income maintenance

    • Medicaid

    • Medicare

    • Powers of Attorney

    • Social Security

    • Wills

    For more information on services for seniors in Alabama Call  1.800.AGE-LINE (1.800.243.5463)

What Medicaid Waiver Programs Are Available To Assist Elderly Adults in Alabama?

What Waiver programs assist older adults in Alabama? In Alabama, The Medicaid Waiver for the Elderly and Disabled (E&D Waiver) Program is designed to provide services to seniors and persons with disabilities whose needs would otherwise require them to live in a nursing home. The goal is for clients to retain their independence by providing services that allow them to live safely in their own homes for as long as it is appropriate.To learn about waivers in Alabama, go to http://medicaidwaiver.org/state/alabama.html

Additional Information

Alabama has 13 Area Agencies on Aging across Alabama to serve the needs of our Seniors, each with an Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC).

The mission of the Alabama Department of Senior Services is to promote the independence and dignity of those we serve through a comprehensive and coordinated system of quality services. ADSS is charged with carrying out the provisions of the Older Americans Act of 1965, as amended and works closely with the U.S. Administration on Aging to achieve this goal. 

Resources for Elderly Persons in Alabama

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