Resources for Elderly Persons

Senior Care Programs By State

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What state resources are available to Seniors?

Senior and elderly assistance programs funded by states include: Medicare Plans, Medicare eligibility, Medicare providers, SSI Disability, and Obamacare.

What living options are available to Seniors?

Assisted living, nursing homes, retirement communities, mental health facilities, Alzheimer facilities, recovery centers, and in home care are a few housing options available to Seniors.

What insurance options are available to Seniors?

Medicaid, Medicare, Private insurance, self pay, long time care insurance are insurance options available to Seniors.

What durable and consumable medical products do seniors need?

What are durable medical products?
Durable Medical Equipment include some specified, prescriptive equipment required by the individual. Adaptive equipment often needed include: handicap vans, wheelchairs, power chairs, communication aids, and med alert bands.
What are consumable medical products?
Consumable Medical Supplies are supplies that cannot withstand repeated use. Consumable supplies include adult diapers, wipes, catheters, and diabetic test strips.

What legal problems do seniors face?

The field of elder care law focuses on the needs of older people and the issues they encounter. Some examples of things and elder care lawyer might assist a senior with include: wills, estate planning, legal aid, living will, reverse mortgages, and life insurance.

Additional Information

By 2050, people age 65 and older are expected to comprise 20% of the total U.S. population. The fastest growing segment of American’s population consists of those 85 and up. In 2010, there were 5.8 million people aged 85 or older. By 2050, it is projected that there will be 19 million people aged 85 or older.